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     There are many types of cages available in the market today. In my opinion I would say that the fancy colorful cages are not necessarily the best type of cage. I would try to get the largest cage you can with your money, because this will  will pay towards the happiness of your hamster. Always buy your hamster a wheel (a wheel that does not have holes in it), water bottle and one bowl of food.
     Here is a list of all the cages and people's experience with them. Remember these are other people's experiences.
Metal barred cage
     The metal bar cage is the most common hamster cage. I would recommennd this type of cage  to first time hamster owners of Syrian hamsters. The base is easy to clean, but the metal frame of the cage is harder to clean. The door for the cage if placed sidewards can be easily pushed open as done by many hamsters in the past. In these  cages it is easy to see that a hamster is stressed, because it will constantly try to nibble at the bars of the cage which can be helpful. The average rating for this cage is 8/10. People have also noticed with smaller dwarf varieties of hamster can squeeze  out of the bars. So for smaller hamsters of the dwarf varieties it is best to purchase a plastic/glass tank.
Habitral Tube Cage
     This type of cage is attracting to the eye, and can be furnished to your hamster's personality. They provide a lot fun for the hamster and keeps their burrowing nature with them. The cage is plastic safe to people's experiences.
     However the tubes are two small for full grown Syrian hamsters, and the cage is not knaw proof.
     The cage has a small hole for airflow a the top, because of this the cage acts like a greenhouse for the hamster. It is known that this type of cage has less ventilation than the metal cage, it can be smellier. This means it has to be cleaned more often. Also this cage is only designed for Syrian hamsters.
     People have also noticed with their hamster's is that they use the solarium as a food burrow. This is great, because it is just like a hamster burrowing.
     People have mixd feelings about this cage, because some hamsters enjoy living in the cage while some prefer glass aquariums. The average rating for this cage is 5/10.
Rotastak tube cage
     The Rotastak tube cages are similar to the habitrail cage, but the units to the cage are circular. This to most people is a big disadvantage to the hamster, because hamsters love corners to hide in, excrete in, and use them as landmarks due to their to their bad site, but this cage has no corners, therefore the hamster will get very confused  and stressed.
     After all the disadvantages, this cage is easy to clean, and can be upgraded with other units. The cage is good, because it has more ventilation than the habitrail cage, and can be stacked easily.
     People also noticed that water bottle is very small, but adequate. Meaning that you have to ensure you have a good routine in topping up water. The average rating for this cage is 4/10. Circular cages are ban in most of Europe so it is advised to avoid all circular cages.
Glass or plastic tank
     This cage is a popular and fairly cheap type of cage. It will provide the hamster with as much fun as the metal cage. The cage is gnaw proof and can be obtained in all sizes.
     People find that their hamsters like this caging best.I think that if all the cage is finished it can be just as interesting as some of the pre-designed cages. Platforms can be made and all sorts of other objects. The hamster has quite enough ventilation from the top, and shavings can be topped heavily to provide more fun. Tanks are easy to clean if a tray is developed inside the tank. The average rating for this cage is 9/10.  

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